Together we can empower children, one another and society as a whole.

The effort and passion of the instructors, coordinators and facilitators of Get On Board Skateboarding make our events possible. Our volunteer skateboard instructors allow us to provide the free skateboarding workshops that are the heart of the program. Our event coordinators and facilitators keep us focused, allowing the program to continue to grow in an organized fashion.

Social and civic-minded organizations and individuals reach out to us and work with us to help to expand our program. Privately owned enterprises both large and small donate facilities, time, expertise and more. With all these people working together, we can continue to nurture the Get On Board Skateboarding program and to enrich the lives of children and teens with autism and other special needs.


Get on Board Skateboarding relies on the continued generosity of individuals, organizations and businesses to ensure our success. There are many ways you can help:

  • Space for workshops
  • Space for fundraisers
  • Safety equipment
  • Skateboarding equipment
  • Event sponsorship
  • Advertising sponsorship
  • Monetary donations
  • Volunteer services

Anything not listed? Contact us! We’re constantly exploring new ideas and investigating new ways to grow the Get On Board Skateboarding program. We’re happy to have help from those who want to get on board.

We wish to give special thanks to the following sponsors who go above and beyond to help Get On Board Skateboarding. Through generous provision of professional services, equipment, financial backing, event coordination or a combination of contributions, these organizations have demonstrated the willingness to give everything they can to help the Get On Board Skateboarding program succeed.

Rayzor Tattoos
Sanctum Collective
REACH web marketing
Vital Technologies, LLC
Molnar Home Computing, LLC

We wish to thank all our contributors, large and small, for helping Get On Board Skateboarding to enrich the lives of children and teens with autism and other special needs. Our efforts to have a lasting, positive impact on individuals and on society as a whole are made possible in part by contributions from organizations like these and readers like you.