Empowering children with autism and special needs.

Get On Board Skateboarding is a registered non-profit corporation striving to empower children and teens with autism and other special needs by providing the opportunity to participate in an activity that demonstrably improves gross motor skills, balance, social interaction and self-esteem in a non-competitive, fun, healthy and safe environment.

It is our belief that by providing free skateboarding workshops and individualized instruction to children with special needs we can help to enrich their lives and at the same time do our part to enrich society as a whole.

Get On Board Skateboarding: empowering children with autism and other special needs.

The Get on Board Skateboarding™ Story

Get On Board Skateboarding is built by people who want to teach, to share and to better themselves.  We’re built of skateboarders, families and partners in communities and corporations. We’re built of persons and groups with vision, who wish to have a lasting impact on individuals and on society.

Our idea was born of passion to use the art and sport of skateboarding as a vehicle to enrich the lives of children and teens with autism. Our dedicated team immersed themselves in developing a unique teaching strategy, spending vital one-on-one time connecting with students and building partnerships with sponsors.

Bold initiatives, pursued with passion, perseverance and purity of purpose, have bold results that speak for themselves. Get on board: working together we’re in for a great ride.

Lessons are run by competent, experienced and well-trained instructors who are both compassionate and knowledgeable.
Francie F
The lessons are not just learning about executing a new trick, but learning new skills and communication and self-control. I see the growth in my son with each lesson.
Gavin's Mom
We have been to a number of events. Each time my son has had a different instructor, all of which have shown him patience and encouragement. He is not a huge fan of “new”, but he always leaves with a smile on his face.
Tara B
For the first time in my son’s life I can proudly say that he does not have any needed support other than what is place at school. Get On Board became such a significant role in my son’s life that his case manager at CMU made it a part of his treatment plan.
Valerie B
When I am on that board Mom I feel like an eagle. They help me fly.
Joy B
It’s so rewarding to see the excitement of participants, volunteers and parents for these workshops. I look forward to watching the program grow and reaching more kids.
Gary D